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Jeff Hunsaker 


Our extraordinary cider maker, Jeff, has over ten years of experience making and marketing wines in the Napa Valley. Jeff’s cider making technique and palate have been developed in the wine trade and by market-driven experience. He's a "hard work but play harder" kind of guy.

Bryce McNichols   


A cider aficionado from the first sip, Bryce is our glue man, the integral helmsman who helps us orchestrate everything from apples to application, brix to bricks and mortar. Every inch a smile, and for every mile a good time to be around. He stirs tanks, he balances banks, and most of all, he's darn good at drinking cider!

Matt Harnden  


This is the man who finds you a racehorse's head. Battling the TTB on gilded wings, Matt is a gladiator in our fight to bring you our cider. The Jonathon Pryce to our Brazil, Matt wades through the bureaucratic quagmire to fight for justice and beauty. Without him, we would be nothing.

Brad Vetter 


An alchemist of type and ink, a magician of line and color, Brad defines the aesthetic of Bite Hard Apple Cider. Gutenberg would be proud to present such a juggernaut of graphic prowess. Hand pressing every letter, and agonizing over every shadow, Brad makes what we do an art form.

Roger Scommegna


The mastermind, the motivator, the impetus to the whole operation. Roger is the reason Bite Hard exists, and the reason none of us would ever leave it behind. A man with a discerning eye for opportunity, and a knack for bringing out the best in all of us, he quietly but masterfully helps us all to turn apples into liquid gold.

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